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Let’s Move Beyond FitzPatrick

No Nuclear Bailout. Decommission FitzPatrick. Support Renewable Energy.

Nuclear operator Entergy has announced that it plans to close its unprofitable FitzPatrick nuclear reactor, located in Oswego, NY, by early 2017. Entergy’s announcement has sparked intense debate in Central New York about the role of uneconomic nuclear plants like FitzPatrick in the state’s energy future. While Governor Cuomo has vowed to save FitzPatrick, we say we cannot afford to bail out this old, dirty and dangerous nuclear reactor.

FitzPatrick is unsafe, unprofitable, and unaffordable. It’s time to move New York toward a nuclear-free, and carbon-free energy system. Download our fact sheet.

FitzPatrick can also be replaced by clean energy — through weatherization/efficiency and wind power. The replacement would cost less than FitzPatrick costs to operate today with money left over to displace coal and natural gas. This would create more than twice the number of jobs employed by Entergy at FitzPatrick. Read all about it.

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Dear Governor Cuomo:

We the undersigned urge you not to bail out the FitzPatrick nuclear reactor. Entergy has announced it plans to close FitzPatrick because the plant is unprofitable. We are eager to move beyond old, dangerous and expensive nuclear plants like FitzPatrick and embrace energy efficiency and renewable energy. We are not willing to provide more subsidies to nuclear power plants when our bills are already unaffordable to so many and our money is better spent supporting clean energy sources of the future.

We hope you will work with local officials toward a just transition for Oswego. FitzPatrick’s decommissioning trust fund of over $700 million dollars can be put to work cleaning up and dismantling FitzPatrick, providing a source of employment for many of the workers there today. Additionally, we recommend that you expand the recent agreement to provide property tax replacement for communities that see fossil-fuel plant closures. Oswego needs and deserves the same kind of support as it goes through a similar transition. Finally, we hope that a reasonable portion of the $5 billion Clean Energy Fund will be directed to Oswego County to help residents, businesses and municipalities grow the local economy through energy savings and renewable energy jobs and development.

Your administration has been a leader in developing a forward-thinking energy reform process designed to move New York away from the most expensive centralized energy resources like FitzPatrick. A direct subsidy for FitzPatrick or market changes to favor nuclear power would take New York in the wrong direction and endanger our communities. Nuclear power is dirty and dangerous. We urge you to let Entergy close FitzPatrick and work with us to usher in a cleaner, safer and more affordable energy future.


52 Groups Send Letter to Cuomo Saying Don’t Save FitzPatrick

Organizations from all over New York sent a letter to Governor Cuomo telling him to let FitzPatrick close and to pursue a just transition and responsible decommissioning. Read the letter here.

More than 700 people have signed so far!

More than 700 people have signed the petition so far. Don’t forget to spread the word. Please send this site to your friends and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Entergy Announces Intention to Shut FitzPatrick as Early as Next Year

Entergy has said it will close FitzPatrick in late 2016 or early 2017. Now we just need the Public Service Commission to say yes to Entergy. Read our press release here. Sign the petition below to prevent a state bailout to keep the plant open.

Post-Standard Editorial Board Opposes a Bailout

“Entergy Corp. is holding a proverbial gun to Central New York’s head, and we don’t like it.” Read the rest.

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